Al Gore Has a Message for Trump: ‘Resign’


Former Vice-President Al Gore says his message to President Donald Trump is simple: resign.

Speaking with Fox 11 Los Angeles in an excerpt of an exclusive interview released on Wednesday, Gore made the remarks during a conversation on climate change.

“My only message would be resign,” Gore said.

“I don’t mean to be flippant about this,” Gore then told Fox 11 host Elex Michaelson. “I think everyone knows to discount what this current Administration is doing and saying. They’ve made the EPA the CPA! The Coal Production Agency! Instead of protecting the environment.”

Gore is in Los Angeles as part of a training for climate activists sponsored by The Climate Reality Project, which he founded.

He stressed during his interview he doesn’t think Trump’s “prepared to listen to advice about the importance of clean air and clean water.”

Gore — who has been widely critical of Trump’s environmental actions — also said last year that the president’s words are actually helping bolster climate activism and encouraging more to join the movement.

“What we are seeing in the United States of America today is the biggest upsurge of activism in favor of the climate that we have ever experienced,” Gore said during a SiriusXM/Variety Magazine town hall interview. “And we are seeing the same thing around the world — the other countries have doubled down on their commitment.”

Watch above, via Fox 11 Los Angeles

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