Al Gore: President Obama Has ‘Failed’

President Obama took friendly fire Wednesday as former vice president and environmental advocate Al Gore said the president had “failed” in his handling of global climate change. Gore, writing in Rolling Stone, says Obama has not made the case for action by the American people. “President Obama has thus far failed to use the bully pulpit to make the case for bold action on climate change. After successfully passing his green stimulus package, he did nothing to defend it when Congress decimated its funding.”

“Without presidential leadership that focuses intensely on making the public aware of the reality we face, nothing will change,” Gore said.

The White House was quick to respond to Gore’s comments. CNN reports administration official Clark Stevens “outlined a number of policies the administration implemented in the last two years, including investments in clean energy through the Recovery Act that set ‘aggressive new joint fuel economy and emissions standards for cars and trucks,’ reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 960 metric tons.”

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