Al Gore Rips the President: ‘This Experiment With Trumpism is Not Going Well’


Former Vice President Al Gore spoke to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, where he discussed whether America has a chance of moving past the impact President Donald Trump has had.

Gore began by blasting the endless outrage Trump causes, citing the president’s Puerto Rico statements and attack on the Justice Department for investigating GOP congressmen and putting their seats at risk. As he talked about how Trump’s brand of “populist authoritarianism” caught on around the country, Gore said Democrats and Republicans share a responsibility to do better at addressing the concerns of the people.

In terms of how Trump is changing the norms about how the Justice Department is supposed to act independent of political influence, Gore lamented “this experiment with Trumpism is not going well.”

Still, Gore thinks American resilience will prevail and the country will have a chance to reset itself once Trump’s time is up.

“In the wake of Donald Trump, whenever that comes, I think that we have an excellent chance to see the re-establishment of what the real spirit of America ought to be. I know that there’s polarization and disagreement in the country, but I also think that there is a growing number of among Donald Trump’s base of support who are really beginning to worry and thinking that checks and balances are what we need right now. So these elections this November may turn out to be the beginning of a course correction.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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