Al Gore to Colbert: Hillary’s ‘Gonna Be Fine, The Country’s Another Matter’


On Monday night, former Vice President Al Gore stopped by The Late Show to promote his new film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the followup to his 2006 global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

Stephen Colbert brought up his 2000 election loss and how he grew a beard after his defeat, but he also made this observation:

“You are the only other living candidate who won the popular vote and did not become the President of the United States.”

When asked if he has talked to Hillary Clinton, Gore told him he did shortly after the election.

“She’s gonna be fine…the country’s another matter,” he laughed.

He said his advice after losing is to “move on” and “look for other ways to serve,” but noted that Clinton did not need such advice.

Colbert later asked Gore about his talks with then-President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower during the transition period and mentioned they had talked about the Paris Climate Agreement in multiple conversations. As president, Trump pulled out of it.

“I thought there was a chance that he would come to his senses,” he added, “but I was wrong.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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