Al Gore Won’t Rule Out 2016 Bid in Interview with Jorge Ramos


Former Vice President Al Gore left the door wide open for a possible entry into the 2016 Democratic primary on Wednesday during an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. After repeated questions from the anchor about his plans, Gore would not definitely say that he has ruled out the possibility of getting in the race.

In quick succession Ramos asked the following questions:

“Are you considering running for president?”

“Are you ruling out any possibility of running for president in this campaign?”

And finally, “I just wanted to know if you want to run for president again.”

Each time, Gore evaded giving a concrete answer.

Watch video below, via Fusion:

“I’m a recovering politician,” Gore said at first. “I’ve said that before but it’s still true. And the longer I go without a relapse, the less likely there will be one.”

“No matter how you ask the question, I will give you the same answer,” he added later, praising Ramos’ persistence. Gore would only say, “I am not giving serious thought to that. I am grateful in some ways that people will ask the question, but I am enjoying what I am doing in my life right now.”

Asked by Ramos if he believes Hillary Clinton is “in trouble,” Gore declined to comment on the state of the race and instead reminded viewers that the general election is still more than a year away.

“The general impression conveyed by the intense coverage of this election is that people are going to vote tomorrow, or next week,” Gore said. But from his experience, he knows a lot can change in 13 months.

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