Al Jazeera Countersues Al Gore

Last month, Al Gore filed a lawsuit against Al Jazeera for fraud, alleging that they were keeping millions of his dollars from the sale of Current TV in an escrow account. Al Jazeera then told him to get lost. Today, they told him to get lost again, but this time, in the form of a countersuit.

The AP reports that the network is suing both the former vice president and his partner, John Hyatt, for falling through on a promise to indemnify the network “for claims made against Current TV.” Therefore, the network is entitled to the money in the escrow account. Gore and Hyatt want the money to pay off other shareholders of Current TV (the two each owned 20% of the network).

The former vice president sold the network and its signal to Al Jazeera back in January 2013 for $500 million.

[h/t Politico]
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