Al Jazeera Shows CNN How to Cover MH370 in 30 Seconds

CNN continued its incessant coverage of MH370 Wednesday morning, devoting the top of each New Day hour plus multiple follow-up segments to an “object of interest” that had been discovered off the Australian coast, an object about which even the Australian authorities who spotted it “expressed skepticism.” “The more we look at it, the less excited we get,” one official said. Yes, these segments had Breaking News banners on them, and yes, CNN rolled out its Big Indian Ocean Floor Map Thingy.

But this isn’t to say that a massive airplane vanishing into thin air isn’t news, or that the resulting fallout from it shouldn’t be detailed. It’s just that there must be a way to do so without gorging on the breaking-tude of every tiny glimmer of a development.

In other words, it should look about like this:

Thirty-four seconds. Biff bang boom done. And then Al Jazeera America pivoted to violence in South Sudan.

For the LULZ: The accompanying article on the “object of interest” contained this smackaroo:

That article should watch more CNN.

[Image via screengrab]

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