Al Jazeera Video Captures ‘Western Troops On The Ground’ In Libya

A report by Al Jazeera includes video the network’s correspondent suggests shows “evidence for the first time of allied boots on the ground” in Libya–a development that could break a United Nations resolution prohibiting “a foreign occupation force” in Libya.

In the video, Tony Birtley, a veteran war correspondent, describes a group of six men as “a group of armed foreigners, possibly British…seen liaising with the fighters. It could be to facilitate forthcoming helicopter attacks.”

The UK Guardian notes the Al Jazeera report, first broadcast on Sunday, never explains why Birtley suspects the men are British:

There have been numerous reports in the British press that SAS soldiers are acting as spotters in Libya to help Nato warplanes target pro-Gaddafi forces. In March six special forces soldiers and two MI6 officers were detained by opposition fighters when they landed on an abortive mission to meet rebel leaders in Benghazi, in an embarrassing episode for the SAS. The group were withdrawn soon afterwards and a new “liaison team” was sent in their place.

The Guardian reports a Ministry of Defence spokesperson said Sunday “we don’t have any forces out there,” and the paper adds the subject is a sensitive one, as a UN security council resolution authorizing the use of force in Libya specifically excludes “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.”

Watch the Al Jazeera report here, from YouTube:

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