Al Sharpton Blasts ‘Lifelong Loser’ Trump: Will Go Down in History as a ‘Warning Sign… Flaming Racist Beacon’


Al Sharpton ripped Donald Trump and his re-election chances in the 2020 election on MSNBC Tuesday night, calling the president a “lifelong loser” who will soon be a “footnote in history.”

Sharpton first started blasting Trump for his self-proclaimed comparisons of himself to Abraham Lincoln.

“Sorry, Mr. President, the only similarity between you and Abraham Lincoln is that you both have presided over unbelievably polarized times in American history,” Sharpton said on PoliticsNation. “The key difference is that Mr. Lincoln ended on the side of the righteous, and you are on the side of the racist. Plus, they called the man Honest Abe, while you can’t seem to get out of a single sentence without loading it up with lies.”

After comparing Trump’s rhetoric to the seventh U.S. president Andrew Jackson, Sharpton called his presidency a “tall pile of evil and racism dressed up in a MAGA hat.”

“You have spent your entire life puffing yourself up in an attempt to convince the world that you’re the biggest, the best, the toughest,” Sharpton said, referring to Trump. “Unfortunately for you, Mr. President, all those have turned out to be the shallow lies of a lifelong loser. And you know you’re losing. Your last chance is to suppress as many votes as possible because you know that the vast majority of Americans have rejected you.”

“But your dirty dealing isn’t going to work,” Sharpton continued. “When all the votes are counted, as the American people will demand they must, you have no choice but to slink back to where you belong, a footnote in history, a presidency only worthy of being remembered as a warning sign for future Americans about how can and what can happen when we take our democracy for granted and elect the flaming racist beacon of our worst impulses to the highest office in the land.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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