Al Sharpton Debates Al Sharpton In Bizarre ‘Parent Trap’-esque Segment

On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s Politics Nation, Reverend Al Sharpton opened his show by debating himself using trick photography in a critique of Mitt Romney‘s flip-flopping.

The MSNBC host’s surreal segment — which must be seen to be believed — featured a deadpan Sharpton corresponding with his virtual body double using a matte special effect. “I need reinforcements to try to help us understand where Willard (referring to Romney) really stands,” Sharpton said, turning to a visual facsimile of the MSNBC host. “I’d like to welcome a very special guest to Politics Nation, welcome, Rev!”

“Hello, Al,” responded Sharpton’s splitting image. “Glad, I could join me.” The Reverend then played various instances where the Massachusetts Governor changed his positions, as when he said he would “preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose” only to later opine that he supported the “sanctity of life from the beginning to the end.” Sharpton also played similar clips relating to Romney’s flip flops on gun rights and health care.

“My head is spinning,” exclaimed the MSNBC host. “Mine too!” responded his twin. “I’m seeing double!”

Sharpton’s stunt was meant to underscore the inconsistencies of Romney, but the agonizingly goofy special effect sabotaged his underlying point. Has America’s attention spans dwindled so much that we need our cable news hosts using hokey gimmickry out of The Parent Trap?

Watch Sharpton’s segment below via MSNBC:

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