Al Sharpton To Herman Cain: ‘Jon Stewart Is A Comedian. Your Policies Is The Joke.’

Speaking on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Rev. Al Sharpton took some time to weigh in on the back-and-forth going on among Jon Stewart, Herman Cain and, now, Fox news analyst Bernie Goldberg. The issue at hand, as you’re likely aware, concerns Stewart’s recent impression of Cain’s manner of speaking, which Cain found to be in the vein of the old – and problematic – Amos ‘n’ Andy radio series.

Sharpton chose to focus on Cain’s policies, with which – surprise – he doesn’t quite agree:

This week, Mr. Cain said he doesn’t think minimum wage is necessary. Mr. Cain, I’m proud to see you, as a black, become successful; I’m proud to see you lift yourself up. But I’m not proud to hear you say minimum wage is not necessary, to say President Obama grew up in Kenya when you know better and playing to the “birthers”. When you are trying to say that Muslim others shouldn’t be tolerated in your cabinet, or that they should be screened.

I don’t like your policies. I’m as black as you; I’m not mocking you. I’m saying what you’re saying is wrong. Jon Stewart is a comedian. Your policies is the joke.

Watch the segment, via MSNBC:

h/t Business Insider

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