Alan Colmes On Pat Buchanan And His ‘Soft Racism’: What’s Wrong With Him?

Alan Colmes spoke with Don Imus this morning, and no topic was off limits as they tackled Neil Cavuto‘s “big head,” how the Democrats “folded like a cheap suit” during the debt negotiations and whether Pat Buchanan referring to President Obama as “your boy” in a conversation with Al Sharpton was racially tinged. Given Buchanan’s history, Colmes thought Buchanan might have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Colmes assessment of Buchanan’s comment:

“It’s kind of soft racism, I’m not sure it’s overt. I don’t think Buchanan meant it, but look at the history of things this guy has said, what is the matter with him? . . . You wouldn’t say that about a white guy would you?”

Imus admits that now he calls everyone “dude,” since he “used to say ‘boy’ all the time, but not about black people, just about everybody.” Colmes continued, “but if you’re Pat Buchanan and if you’ve got that kind of history, it’s part of a narrative, so you know it’s not the first time he would have made a comment that had that tinge to it.”

While Imus and Colmes agreed Buchanan’s comment wasn’t too smart, they disagreed on Cavuto’s political leanings. Imus said he can never sense Cavuto’s politics, but Colmes informed him that even though he really likes Cavuto, he thinks “he’s very right-wing.”

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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