Alan Dershowitz Goes After CNN on Trump Tower Report: ‘They Have To Do Something To Preserve Their Credibility’


On Wednesday night, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz appeared Fox News and took CNN to task for their bombshell report from last month about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

CNN reported that anonymous sources told them that Michael Cohen alleged that President Donald Trump knew about the meeting between his son Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election. However, Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis not only walked back his client’s claim, he himself admitted that he was one of the anonymous sources cited in the report despite the report saying that Davis declined to comment.

Dershowitz told Tucker Carlson that Lanny Davis ‘did the right thing’ by coming forward and acknowledging that his own claims couldn’t be supported. He also said that CNN is ‘in a box’ and offered the network some advice as to how they handle their report — which they are still standing behind — and more specifically their other reported sources.

“Number one- that they tell us the nature of the sources without telling us the names. Are they eyewitnesses? is it a hearsay source? Or second- that they give their source to their expert on journalism and let their expert decide whether or not they should stick with the story or some outside experts, someone from the Columbia School of Journalism who could learn the name of the sources and then go talk to the sources, still keep their names confidential and then come forward and say, ‘You know, there is a basis. We’re standing behind CNN,'” Dershowitz said. “They have to do something to preserve their credibility.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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