Alan Dershowitz: If Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Speak, The First Amendment Loses ‘Tremendous’ Battle


On Thursday night, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz sounded the alarm on Tucker Carlson Tonight — in the event that conservative author Ben Shapiro‘s speech at UC Berkeley is stopped.

“Today, Ben Shapiro. Tomorrow, me, William Buckley, you” Dershowitz said. “These folks don’t want to hear an alternative point of view on American university campuses, and they are prepared to use violence to stop this from happening.”

He called this a “very serious problem” that “needs to be stopped now.”

“You can’t have free speech for me but not for thee, which is the way many Berkeley professors and students wanted. Free speech for the left, not the centers, not for conservatives, not even for centrist liberals like me,” Dershowitz continued. “If I were to speak at Berkeley, I would be the subject of protest. That’s how far this has gotten.”

Tucker Carlson asked why the “old-fashioned liberals” who “used to defend free speech” are now silent. Dershowitz, who is an outspoken liberal, believed that they’re scared of being accused of “being on [President Donald] Trump‘s side.”

“If I defend free speech, I’m an attack dog for Trump,” Dershowitz said. “If I defend the criminal justice system, civil liberties, the Constitution- you have to choose sides today.”

Dershowitz said college administrators and faculty members “have the obligation” to “defend the First Amendment.”

“If Ben Shapiro is not allowed to speak, the First Amendment will have lost a tremendous battle today, And that’s why this is a very important event in the history of our rights,” Dershowitz said.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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