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Alan Grayson: Robert Gibbs ‘Should be Fired…Belongs on Fox’

“Congressman with Guts” Alan Grayson (D-FL) went for Press Secretary Robert Gibbs‘ throat in an appearance om MSNBC today, calling for him to be fired, and saying he belongs on Fox News. The tough talk was in response to Gibbs’ now-ubiquitous “professional left” comments, but Grayson, who refers to Gibbs as “Bozo the Spokesman,” also accuses Gibbs of doing a “miserable job” at highlighting the Obama administration’s accomplishments. As someone who listens to Gibbs do just that on a nearly daily basis, I have to disagree.

Here’s Grayson’s appearance, in which he also takes exception with Gibbs’ use of what he calls “Fox News talking points”:

Grayson is actually an excellent example of Gibbs’ main problem: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Gibbs is an encyclopedia of things this administration has done, as he demonstrated today, but hell if anyone will report on it as intensely as they will, say, a White House feud with Fox News, or the “optics” of a golf game. While Grayson has become skilled at generating heat with exactly this kind of brash statement, a press secretary can ill afford to be an even slightly loose cannon. Otherwise, people like Grayson and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) call for your job.

Gibbs spends plenty of time firing at Republicans, too, but even in the briefing room, this is often followed up with questions about whether he’s “playing politics.” I’ve seen it time and again. Gibbs is the White House Press Secretary, not America’s News Editor. As Bill Press pointed out, the left has yet to hit upon a way to control the narrative, something that Gibbs seems to have stumbled upon in the past two days.

Maybe Grayson and Gibbs ought to be teaming up to keep the “professional left” in the spotlight. (In Dr. Evil voice) Or maybe they already have?

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