Alan Grayson’s Second Shot At Robert Gibbs: “He Is A Failure, And That’s Why He Should Go”

Perhaps the longest-lasting consequence of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs‘ “professional left” comment may turn out to be the radical shift in Rep. Alan Grayson‘s rhetoric from associating Dick Cheney with Satan and attacking other conservatives to repeatedly calling for Gibbs’ resignation– which he again did on tonight’s Rick’s List.

Speaking to host Rick Sanchez, he responded directly to Gibbs’ assertion that some liberals should be “drug-tested” for disagreeing with the Obama administration’s policies, identifying those opponents as “the people who gave him his job… he’s denigrating us, and that’s unfortunate.” Then he took the same line of attack the first time he came out against Gibbs, accusing him of parroting Fox News’ attacks: “He knows Fox talking points and little else.”

He concluded his call for Gibbs’ resignation more forcefully than before, directly calling Gibbs a “failure” because Obama’s approval ratings are falling and the media is focusing on issues that are not favorable to the administration: “the birthers, about mosques, about the repeal of the 14th Amendment.”

Rep. Grayson’s interview with Sanchez via CNN below:

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