Alec Baldwin and Sarah Palin Pretend to Like Each Other on SNL40 Red Carpet

Who better to open NBC’s SNL 40th anniversary red carpet special than Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin, together again for the first time since they appeared in a 2008 cold open with Lorne Michaels standing between them?

“It was great, it was like gosh, you have got to have a sense of humor,” Palin said of her cameo on the show. “It’s not like the persona that maybe is portrayed or characterized for you out there. So, yeah, and this is, an iconic moment, this is, the most, I think intelligent, and entertaining comedic minds in America all in one place.”

“We get to relax and have fun regardless of people’s politics,” Baldwin added. “And I often think, if only Lorne Michaels could produce the Congress, maybe we’d have more fun and we would get more done.”

Whether this will it for Palin’s “participation” in tonight’s event or if we will finally get to see her and Tina Fey share the screen for more than a few seconds is yet to be seen.
Watch video below, via NBC:

[Photo via screengrab]

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