Alec Baldwin: NBC Execs Wouldn’t Have Allowed SNL to Endorse Anyone


Alec Baldwin tweeted earlier today that NBC executives would not allow the cast of Saturday Night Live to endorse anyone if they wanted to.

Baldwin tweeted earlier today at Time Magazine TV critic Daniel D’Addario, who reacted to SNL‘s somber cold open by writing that they were clearly mourning something, but they wouldn’t say what.

“The show can see it as an opportunity—to make itself great again by being as cutting, as wily, and as game for anything as the candidate it now purports to have been against the whole time,” he wrote. “But first, it will need to actually be willing to offend with an actual point-of-view. No more songs—save the airtime for jokes.”

He also pointed out how SNL itself let Trump host just last year.

Baldwin shot back on Twitter and said this:

You’ll recall that the cold open of SNL‘s final pre-election episode featured both Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton telling people to get out and vote, saying they can’t tell people who to vote for.

Now, lest you think this is Baldwin saying SNL wanted to endorse Clinton but was prevented from doing so, Baldwin set the record straight:

Baldwin did not appear on this past weekend’s SNL as Trump, and it sounds like he may not return in the role.

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