Alex Jones Blasts Piers Morgan, ‘Despicable’ Glenn Beck, And Goes On ‘Mad As Hell’ Tirade

A week after his explosive gun control battle with Piers Morgan on CNN, “Deport Piers Morgan” petition creator and conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones appeared on HuffPost Live and blasted Glenn Beck for calling him a “fascist,” and went on a heated rant about standing up against the military-industrial complex and the pharmaceutical corporations that he believes control the media.

Immediately after being introduced by host Alicia Menendez, Jones took a stab at the host channel, calling HuffPost Live the “Soviet Command Center,” and gave his thoughts on the Morgan interview and the “tongue-in-cheek” deportation petition that led to it.

When asked to comment on rival radio personality Glenn Beck’s comments that Jones is a “madman” who sounds like a “fascist” and stands “on a mountain of deceit,” the InfoWars host fired back: “He thinks his audience is stupid. He’s a gatekeeper.”

Jones then listed his credentials as being consistently anti-government, criticizing both parties for similarly restrictive policies — implying that Beck has no such consistency in his beliefs.

“It’s Glenn Beck who has promoted torture,” Jones explained, “He’s taken all the stuff I’ve written that’s true and reworked it, neo-con’d it, and then rolled it out later. So he’s mad that I’m getting on hundreds of stations. He’s mad that I’m getting attention. I’m not here trying to be numero uno like Glenn Beck; I’m here trying to save our Bill of Rights and Constitution.”

Jones then took a shot at Beck’s recent conversion to “libertarianism” (an ideological movement that, ironically, has largely refused to associate with Jones himself), calling the move opportunistic:

“Glenn Beck knows the Republican Party is dying, he knows the Democratic Party is basically turning into a massive system And so he wants to basically come in, because most Americans call themselves libertarians, and he wants to brand it so that he’s the leader, and he’s the head of libertarians.”

He continued on to say Beck is “not consistent,” and that “he really disdains his audience and he’s a despicable person just like Piers Morgan.”

Towards the end of the interview, Menendez asked Jones if he believes he sounds “rational” to most Americans, which prompted a lengthy rant that began with Jones proclaiming that he was simply awake from the “coma” and gradually turned into a shouted monologue:

It’s time to get a pulse again. Howard Beale said in Network, “It’s time to get mad. It’s time to say ‘I’m a human being, god damn it! My life has value!’ And it’s time to say, ‘I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ […] A lot of people say, ‘Just leave us alone. I don’t care about inflation, or the Russians, and the shootings, and the crime in the streets. Just leave us alone. Let us have our steel-belted radios, and our TiVo, and our iPads and leave us alone in our living rooms. Well I’m not going to leave you alone! I want you to get mad! I want you to realize the American dream is becoming a nightmare and our liberties are being systematically eradicated. […] Learn about the New World Order! Learn about the globalists and how they fund fascists, communists, and socialists — anything that’s centralized. Learn about eugenics and the cancer viruses in the vaccines. Learn about the GMOs that are meant to sterilize you.

Menendez then jumped in to cut off the interview as Jone’s shouts turned into yelling about how “there’s poison in the water” and the viewers are “in danger” because “they” — the globalists — “control both parties.”

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