Alex Wagner Mocks Rand Paul’s Claim Of A Trillion Dollar Deficit When It’s Only A Measly 640 Billion

On Alex Wagner‘s MSNBC show Friday, the eponymous host found it startling how Rand Paul, one of the biggest libertarian voices in the GOP, might very well end up going all the way in the 2016 Republican primary race. She highlighted how Paul is “laying the groundwork for the most right-wing presidential bid in modern history,” and laughed at his assertion that the deficit is a staggering trillion dollars when the deficit is actually a measly, non-staggering 640 billion dollars.

She slammed Paul’s budget proposal, which would abolish and/or scale back many government departments and programs, and reminded viewers Paul opposes the Americans with Disabilities Act and once made rather controversial remarks about the Civil Rights Act. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green noted Paul has a groundswell of support in the GOP and is a stark contrast on policy and personality from the Republican party’s last presidential nominee.

Wagner then brought up Paul’s response in an interview to the supposedly radical measures he goes to in his budget proposal, saying the real extreme issue is not his ideas, but “a trillion dollar deficit every year.” Wagner pointed out, “The CBO has estimated that we have a 640 billion dollar deficit, which is considerably less than a skyrocketing trillion dollar deficit.” Oh, is that all?

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:


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