Ali Velshi Mocks Trump’s Self-Funding Tax Reform: ‘I Have a Better Chance of Growing a Full, Thick Afro’

Ali Velshi is a charming, smart and a reasonably attractive man.

And he deserves some measure of credit for not only owning his male pattern baldness, but comically referencing it in a biting critique on Trump’s tax reform plan rolled out earlier today.

While appearing on Chris Hayes‘s MSNBC show, Velshi claimed that “he has a better chance of growing a full, thick afro” than the economy growing enough to cover the tax cuts proposed by the Trump White House.

Whether or not this tax plan will spur the economy or create trillions of debt is a discussion sure to enrapture our nation over the coming months. And predictable reactions will likely come from predictable sources.

But my man made a funny and self-deprecating joke. Kudos to Mr. Velshi for keeping it real.

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