Alisyn Camerota Grills Lewandowski on Trump and Roy Moore: ‘Is Roy Moore a Pig?’

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appeared on CNN’s New Day, and faced a grilling at the hands of Alisyn Camerota over the GOP embrace of Alabama Senate candidate and accused sexual predator Roy Moore.

Lewandowski, who spent Wednesday’s interview on Morning Joe un-artfully dodging questions on Moore, seemed to have since polished some of his responses on the Alabama senate race.

He portrayed the race as a “binary choice” between a reliable Republican (teen-molestation aside) and “a different individual in the race who is anti-stopping illegal immigration, wants more taxes and anti-second amendment.”

“You do seem to be glossing over a little bit of the history of eight women coming forward against Roy Moore,” Camerota said, pressing Lewandowski on his previous comments that Sen. Al Franken is a “pig,” asking if that same insult applies to someone accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old.

“Is Roy Moore a pig?” Camerota asked.

Lewandowski claimed that the difference between Franken and Moore is that the Democratic senator has admitted to some of the allegations, while the Republican candidate has denied all of his.

“So if you take responsibility and you apologize, then you’re a pig?” the CNN anchor asked.

Lewandowski then went after CNN’s Chris Cuomo, telling Camerota that her New Day co-host attempted to downplay the photo of Franken groping Leeann Tweeden while she slept in 2006.

“Come on!” an astonished Camerota shot back. “You don’t think that Chris is against groping women? Come on.”

The two had a fiery back-and-forth comparing the allegations between Franken and Moore, before Camerota finally asked if Lewandowski believes the Alabama candidate’s accusers.

“Alisyn, what I said was those allegations need to be taken absolutely seriously,” he replied. “And what Roy Moore has to do is he has to answer to the voters.” (Spoiler: he will not).

“What Al Franken is going to do finally, which is a real profile in courage, is resign from the U.S. Senate because another accuser, his eighth one, came out yesterday,” Lewandowski concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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