Alisyn Camerota Hits Don Jr. For Touting Conspiracy That FL Shooting Survivors Are Actors: ‘How Gullible is This Guy?!’

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Brian Stelter discussed the bizarre conspiracy theories gaining steam that allege the survivors of the Parkland school shooting speaking out about gun control are crisis actors.

Though the conspiracies started in the fringe right-wing media ecosystem, they have been disturbingly amplified in the mainstream: notably by President Donald Trump’s eldest son Don Jr., who liked a number of posts on Twitter suggesting outspoken student David Hogg was an FBI plant.

“Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, liked some of these on Twitter,” Camerota said on New Day. “How gullible is this guy?! He’s falling for these conspiracy theories? That these kids who watched their friends be slaughtered and escaped with their lives are actors?”

“These people will do anything to avoid addressing the real issues here,” Stelter said, “and avoid talking about guns, and about mental health, and other issues.”

Stelter continued that the theories are a “form of pollution” that “poisons the environment for all of us.”

“Our society as a whole suffers when these kinds of outlandish, sick theories are spread,” he said.

Stelter argued that ignoring such conspiracies is “not the right answer anymore…because if you ignore the pollution that’s up in the atmosphere, you’re not helping to make it any better.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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