Alisyn Camerota on Bolton Ouster: Trump’s Use of Fox News as ‘Temp Agency’ Hasn’t Worked Out


In light of the recent ouster of National Security Advisor John Bolton, CNN New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota ridiculed President Donald Trump’s apparent proclivity for hiring members of his cabinet from the ranks of Fox News punditry.

In a conversation with Maggie Haberman, Camerota followed up New York Times White House Reporter’s speculation of who could follow Bolton as the fourth National Security Advisor to serve under the Trump Administration by noting “as we know, the president uses fox TV as his temp agency”

She then pointed out that President Trump “sees somebody who performs well on television or he thinks they do or they get his attention somehow and then, I mean, just ask K.T. McFarland, ask Bill Shine, ask John Bolton,” all of whom have held roles at Fox News of varying significance before joining, then leaving, the Trump administration.

Camerota followed with “I don’t know what goes wrong once he meets them officially, but it’s perhaps not the best way to find your next cabinet.”

Despite what have been revealed to be significant differences on foreign policy strategies, Bolton was brought on as NSA after providing a frequent visage on the Fox News airwaves as a contributor focused on American foreign policy. Trump is known to be an avid consumer of cable news, especially the pro-Trump opinion programming on Fox News on which Bolton often appeared, so the suggestion that Bolton caught the president’s attention — and was eventually hired — from television appearance is not at all as outlandish as it seems.

Haberman later noted in the interview that one of the more intriguing stories to follow after Bolton’s ouster from the Trump administration. “Does he return to Fox News where he used to be a contributor? Or is Fox News going to be concerned about having him back on?”

Bolton was a consistent promoter of interventionist foreign policy that was consistent with the pre-Trump Fox News opinion programming point of view. But now that Bolton is now considered something of an exiled pariah within the White House, does Fox News jeopardize upsetting President Trump by having Bolton back on?

Camerota herself is a former Fox News employee as co-host of Fox & Friends  She joined CNN in 2014.

Watch above via CNN.

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