Alisyn Camerota Presses John Kennedy On Trump’s Hush Money: ‘Is Character Still Important to Republicans?’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota put Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) to the test on Wednesday by pressing him on whether the GOP cares about the fact that President Trump is tied to Michael Cohen‘s criminal actions.

In the last few days, several Congressional Republicans have suggested they could care less that federal prosecutors determined Trump ordered his ex-personal lawyer to make illegal hush money payments to cover up his alleged philandering before the 2016 election. Since Kennedy acknowledged that the alleged campaign finance violations are “a serious thing,” Camerota asked what he thinks Trump’s responsibility ought to be on this matter.

“Somebody first has to file a claim or a charge if you will with the FEC, or Mr. Mueller would have to indict him,” Kennedy answered. “Most campaign finance act violations are civil. To prove a felony, you have got to prove mens rea or intent, and that’s difficult to do. The president has already said that for him it was a private business transaction. You can choose to believe that or not.”

From there, Camerota pivoted the conversation by asking if Trump’s immoral behavior with women is something voters ought to have known about in 2016.

“I guess what I’m asking is that… is character still important to Republicans,” she asked.

“I trust the American people to make up their own minds about it,” Kennedy answered. “Half of America says every day give the guy a break, and the other half says how did this happen. But I trust the American people to make up their own mind. We’ll get another shot at it in two years.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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