‘All of CNN Is Bogus Now?’ Juan Williams Clashes With Fox Co-Hosts Over CNN Controversies


The Five kicked off the show Wednesday night by talking about CNN’s most recent controversies, including Project Veritas’ latest leak of Van Jones calling the Trump-Russia story a “nothing burger.”

Jones was not only defended by numerous Fox News hosts, he was praised.

“I will defend Van Jones,” Greg Gutfeld began, “in the sense that I don’t think he was ever on the Russia thing. The narrative of the network, definitely. They’re pushing this, but he always seemed more measured of the crew.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t think that Jones was being a hypocrite. “So I have to praise him for being consistent both on-camera and on-camera because like I said, this will happen to us. If you aren’t consistent… you deserved to be called out on.”

Dana Perino also shared her praise for the CNN commentator for his blunt talk about how Democrats should be focusing on the working class instead of Russia and stop burning through money.

However, Jesse Watters threw some shade at Jones.

“I’m sure you can find tape of Van Jones saying some pretty horrific things about [President] Trump and Russia,” he said, “so I’ll let the people on the internet find those.”

Juan Williams called all of this an “overreaction.”

“The media makes mistakes all the time,” Williams elaborated. “We know networks and we know newspapers that have had to retract stories and they haven’t fired people and haven’t apologized.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle pushed back, claiming CNN didn’t make a mistake and that it was “willful” and “intentional.”

Watters mocked CNN and Brian Stelter for pretending to be the victim.

While Williams continued to defend CNN, Watters compared them to the subprime mortgage crisis and how an executive from a Wall Street bank was caught saying that “their loans were bogus.”

“All of CNN is bogus now?” Williams reacted.

“Juan, did you understand my analogy?” Watters asked.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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