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Allen West Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Delusional’ For Health Care Reform Comments

Appearing on Fox News on Friday morning, Republican congressman Allen West described Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as “slightly delusional” for refusing to say that the individual mandate of Barack Obama‘s health care plan is a tax.

“I think that former Speaker Pelosi is somewhat delusional,” West said on Fox News. “You have to remember that this is the person who said that we have to pass this bill in order to find out what is in his bill. So there has been a deception against the American people from the onset.”

He also compared the mandate to forcing people to “buy a 9mm Glock” because of the tax’s imposition.

West’s comment reflects current GOP criticism of Congressional Democrats for previously claiming that the individual mandate in the health care reform law was not, in fact, a tax. In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday, Republicans are highlighting the Democrats’ past promise that health care reform’s mandate was not a tax as evidence of inconsistency.

The debate was further fueled by Pelosi’s refusal to call the individual mandate a tax when addressing reporters after yesterday’s decision.

On the same segment, West went on to describe the Supreme Court’s ruling as a “horrific decision,” an opinion shared by many members of the Republican party.

The interview can be found here, courtesy of Fox News:

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