Allen West: Pres. Obama Sends ‘Sense Of Weakness’ Reminiscent Of Carter Administration

West: Obama Sends 'Sense Of Weakness' Reminiscent Of Carter Admin.

Rep. Allen West appeared on Thursday’s Fox & Friends, where he was asked to weigh in on the protests overseas and the tone of the U.S.’s response following attacks in Egypt and Libya — including a Tweet condemning an anti-Muslim movie after our embassy in Cairo had been stormed.

“First of all,” he told the show’s hosts, “the only thing we can believe is what was presented, and we should not have made some kind of as a conciliatory, apologetic stance in the middle of our embassy being attacked.”

“Just because someone puts a Facebook video, that’s not the reason for us to lose an ambassador and have our sovereign land attacked,” West continued. “And we should not take this apologetic stance, which is the reason you have allowed a lot of this to happen.” West went on to add that the President has sent a sense of weakness where foreign policy is concerned, characterizing it as “shades of what happened during the Carter administration.”

He also felt that governments have to take responsibility to the stances their people take and described the U.S.’s current foreign policy as one of apology and appeasement.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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