Alyssa Milano Says She Was’Very Excited’ To Be ‘Quote-Tweeted’ By Don. Jr.: I Finally Got This Admin’s Attention!


On Wednesday night, actress/activist Alyssa Milano appeared on Late Night and spoke about her political stance in the Trump era.

After promoting her new Netflix show Insatiable, Seth Meyers pivoted to her political activism. And she began by celebrating being quote-tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. earlier in the day.

“I found out today, actually- you told me when you were in the dressing room that Don Jr. quote-tweeted me,” Milano grinned, “which is very excited for me because I’ve been trying to get someone’s attention in that administration. And I feel like I’ve finally done it.”

It’s worth pointing out that Don Jr. isn’t officially part of the Trump administration as he is now running the family company with his brother, Eric Trump.

Milano told the Late Night host that she feels like we’re living in an “alternative reality” and that “more people just need to say it.” She blasted President Donald Trump for his tweet targeting NBA All-Star LeBron James despite the recent community outreach he’s done.

Meyers then praised the Charmed star for her years-old efforts of literally driving people to the polls during elections for roughly 20 years.

“In 2000, when Gore had the election taken from him, I was enraged and that sort of motivated this — this incredible passion,” Milano told Meyers. “There’s a very romantic idea of small town politics that people don’t really realize. I think we look at this — this big umbrella of, like, the federal politics and these policymakers, but really it’s starts on such a local level. And to be able to volunteer at that level and really spend time in the communities, see what, you know, affects people negatively and positively, why they’re voting the way they’re voting and driving people to the polls and giving them that — that opportunity has just been one of the greatest joys of my life.”

She also told Meyers about how her three-year-old daughter knows many popular protest chants and that her son believes Trump has “banned” unicorns to North Korea.

“And you know what? It was so absurd. I couldn’t even, like, argue with it,” Milano continued, “because conceivably, if there were unicorns, I could see him banning them.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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