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America Live: “Tiger Mom’s” Husband Talks Parenting With Megyn Kelly

Amy Chua‘s new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, stirred up quite the controversy when excerpts were posted in a Wall Street Journal‘s article called “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” To date, the article has garnered 6,891 comments, some of which were less-than-supportive of Chua’s strict parenting model, including this articulate disagreement:

All I can say is I am sick to my stomach. What a Godless way of raising children. What a shallow, lifeless focus. If all that matters in this life is what you “achieve” then you are truly living on only the most base level of consciousness, and I feel sorry for you.

We are created for so much more in this life, and to be a slave to what the World says is important is nothing more than a prison. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone. No wonder China struggles with the idea of PERSONAL FREEDOM!!!

Give me a giant break, the woman who did this is a pathetic excuse of a Mother…

And that’s not to mention the death threats Chua has received for committing heartless, incomprehensible acts like… not allowing her daughters to sleep over other children’s homes.

Well, Chua’s husband Jed Rubenfeld, himself an accomplished author, visited America Live this afternoon to discuss his own book, The Death Instinct, and to share his thoughts on the response to his wife’s parenting style.

Less inclined to speak about family and parenting than his wife, Rubenfeld preferred to get to the heart of the discussion, telling host Megyn Kelly that his wife is “a wonderful mother.”

Take a look at the segment from Fox News Channel:

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