American Crossroads CEO: Akin Also Poses Problem For Comments On Students Loans, Civil Rights Laws

On Wednesday, Starting Point host Soledad O’Brien invited American Crossroads President and CEO Steven Law onto the program to discuss the Super PAC’s decision to withdraw ads in Missouri in the wake of candidate Todd Akin‘s comments about rape.

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Law said that “this firestorm that Todd Akin has created for himself has engulfed not only him, but we think any chance whatsoever of being able to salvage this race as long as he’s in the race.” Law also sees Akin’s problems as a candidate ranging farther than just his remark about rape:

Not only did he issue an unbelievable, jaw dropping and over the line comment about rape in connection with abortion, but he said a number of other things about student loans, about child nutrition programs, about civil rights laws. He’s just said a large number of things that can be use very effectively against him. And my hope is — as he said it’s not about me, it’s about doing the right thing — that at some point he’ll say, “Am I going to be the tool by which Harry Reid and Claire McCaskill secure the Senate majority prevent Republicans from ever having the chance of undoing ObamaCare?” And I hope he comes to the conclusion that’s not what he wants to happen.

On the topic of attempts to tie Akin’s beliefs to Romney and Ryan, Law said that Akin’s problems are “his alone,” pointing out that many on the right — Ryan and Romney included — have stepped out against Akin’s comments.

O’Brien then asked about Ryan’s voting record, which shows he supported provisions that don’t allow for exceptions when it comes to pregnancies resulting from rape.

“Well, that’s certainly the effort Democrats will want to make,” said Law.

“But it’s also true,” O’Brien asserted.

Have a look, via CNN:

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