American Sniper Jurors to GMA: Eddie Routh Clearly Wasn’t Insane

Hours after finding Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, six members of the so-called “American Sniper jury” dropped by Good Morning America to explain their verdict.

The jurors’ unanimous guilty verdict flies in the face of the defense’s case that Routh was legally insane and therefore not culpable for his actions. But according to these six jurors, it was clear the shooter was aware of the difference between right and wrong when he pulled the trigger on both Kyle and Littlefield.

“We all had our strong feelings,” one juror said. Another indicated there was no disagreement from the start of deliberations.

As for whether Routh was “faking” his insanity, one female juror told George Stephanopoulos that “evidence shows there was a definite pattern there when it came to his earlier convictions before the trial… [which was that] he would get intoxicated, get in trouble, and the police would show up, and he’d say, ‘I’m a veteran, I have PTSD.'”

“Bottom line: You were convinced that he knew the difference between right and wrong when he pull those triggers?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Without a doubt,” a few said aloud. “He knew the consequences.”

Watch the interview below, via ABC:

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