Amid Uncertainty And Rumors, CNN’s Parker Spitzer Has Its Best Week Ever

It won’t earn Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker a promo or even a news release–especially not with the whirlwind of publicity surrounding tonight’s launch of Piers Morgan Tonight. But quietly, and despite the uncertainty and rumors that have settled around the show like bad roommates, CNN’s Parker Spitzer hit a high point last week: the show’s highest weekly ratings since its debut.

The Nielsen numbers still have P/S in last place among cable news shows, but for the first time, the show’s overnight ratings don’t scream for cancellation. Parker Spitzer averaged 174,000 viewers 25-54 last week (not counting Friday, or Wednesday, when the show was pre-empted for coverage of the Tucson memorial service). The show’s previous high water mark was the first week of November, when it averaged 159,000.

Last week, the show also hit an all-time high in terms of total viewers, with 619,000. That’s nearly 100,000 viewers more than the show’s previous best week.

The numbers alone don’t warrant any phew, we made it moments of relief at CNN, but in a week that ended with Saturday Night Live mocking rumors of an imminent reformatting of the show (and possible departure of Kathleen Parker), the ratings milestone seems worthy of note.

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