Amy Poehler Returns For ‘Really?! With Seth And Amy’ On SNL

Um. I’m not complaining, but was Amy Poehler the secret co-host this week? Not only did she anchor the “Bronx Beat” sketch, but she appeared on “Weekend Update” to reprise the “Really?! With Seth and Amy” sketch as well. Poehler and Seth Meyers addressed the recent decision to hold a congressional hearing about contraception which no women were allowed to attend. This afforded Amy Poehler the opportunity to reiterate that 98% of Catholic women use birth control, and also affirm that “trans-vaginal” is her favorite airline.

It was great to see Meyers and Poehler reunited, and she even got to help out anchoring the rest of “Weekend Update.” It’s too bad that the cast hasn’t been able to find anyone to replace her and make the “Really?!” segment a recurring one, since those segments usually feature some of the show’s smartest political commentary. Can you tell I am loving this episode? Because I am loving this episode!

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