An ‘Incensed’ Piers Morgan Gives Emotional Update on ‘Random, Senseless’ Chris Lane Shooting

Piers Morgan opened his CNN show Tuesday night with the story of the young college baseball player Chris Lane from Australia who was shot and killed by three Oklahoma teenagers while he was going for a jog. Before getting the latest updates from Duncan, Oklahoma police Captain Jay Evans he said, “Few stories have incensed me quite like this one. The randomness, the senselessness of this killing.”

Evans told Morgan that the residents of his small town are “just absolutely appalled and shocked that it happened, because everyone realizes that, your kids are out playing, that it could have been anybody it was such a random act, could have been any of their kids this happened to.”

After Evans described just how the teenagers approached Lane and shot him in the back before speeding away, Morgan called the act “disgusting,” asking, “in all your time in police work, have you ever come across anything quite so callous?” He also asked, “is it right that their explanation was simply that they were bored and they did it for fun?” Evans wouldn’t confirm that statement from the alleged killers, but he did say they had a “desire to be gangsters.”

Morgan also spoke to Sky News Melboure Bureau Chief Ahron Young, who described the “shock and disbelief” in Australia over the death of the “rising star.”

Watch video below, via CNN:

[photo via screengrab]

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