Ana Navarro and Alisyn Camerota Mock Jason Miller Over ‘Deep State’ Leak Claims

Jason Miller and Ana Navarro squared off on CNN’s New Day today, so you already know right off the bat that the debate got passionate and snarky.

The two commentators were asked about the new reports that President Trump wanted to know if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was on his “team.” This comes amid the recent news that Trump wanted to know who Andrew McCabe voted for before the Deputy FBI Director resigned this week after months of criticism from the president.

As Navarro noted how Trump has repeatedly demanded fealty from members of the intelligence and law enforcement communities, Miller retorted that Trump has a “playful banter” in how he speaks with people, and it’s not entirely clear whether the president ever asked Rosenstein for his loyalty.

Eventually, Miller chalked up the development to a “deep state” government leak to halt Trump’s momentum after his State of the Union speech. Alisyn Camerota sarcastically went along with that idea when she asked Navarro for her thoughts, and she responded “I used to think the ‘Deep State’ was Louisiana.” Navarro also noted that Trump has been in office for a year now, by which point, he should’ve learned that its not appropriate to ask around for loyalty and treat the FBI and DOJ like “political arms of the White House.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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