Ana Navarro Calls Out Steve Cortes in Heated CNN Clash: ‘Stop Playing Dumb on National TV’


Things got heated Wednesday night on CNN during Cuomo Prime Time after talked turned to racism, violence, and President Donald Trump.

Host Chris Cuomo started off by playing a clip of a man harassing Mia Irizarry for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag at a park in Illinois.

The man repeatedly demanded to know if Irizarry was an American citizen, despite the fact Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Cuomo then asked panelists CNN commentator Ana Navarro and former Trump operative Steve Cortes to weigh in the matter and the general topic of hate in America.

Things escalated quickly.

“Look, this much is true,” Navarro said. “Donald Trump did not invent racism. He did not invent bigotry. He did not invent racial violence. But it is also true he has pandered to it. He pandered to it in Charlottesville when he equated neo-Nazis with those protesting against them. He pandered to it when he called black athletes sons of bitches. He panders to it at every rally when he demonizes immigrants and never brings up a positive immigrant story.”

Cortes disagreed.

“Everything you just said about Trump supposedly coddling racists is wrong,” he claimed. “It just patently is. When he talked about Charlottesville, when he said both sides he meant both sides of the debate over Confederate monuments, not both sides of the Charlotte protests.”

Then, after Cuomo brought up Charlottesville too, Cortes continued on: “There are good people on both sides of the monument debate. Not good people in the neo-Nazi side. There are no good people there. And regarding the NFL, there were white players who kneeled as well, who knelt as well. So that was not also a racial issue.”

Navarro wasn’t having it.

“Come on. Stop playing dumb on national TV,” Navarro scolded before the debate — and crosstalk — continued on.

Watch above, via CNN.

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