Ana Navarro Goes Off on Steve Cortes After He Scolds Her for Calling Trump a Rat: ‘Don’t Come Here and Lecture Me’


A CNN panel exploded on Wednesday night after Trump supporter Steve Cortes took offense at CNN commentator Ana Navarro calling Trump a “rat.”

During the segment, Navarro said Trump’s surrounded by rats because “he is a rat.”

“Enough of that smearing and name calling. We can talk about this like adults,” Cortes scolded.

Navarro, though, wasn’t about to let Cortes’ remark go unchecked.

“Tell you what, Steve when you tell the president to stop calling black athletes sons of bitches, when you tell the president to stop calling Maxine Waters and other congresspeople dumb as rocks, when you start telling the president to stop insulting Don Lemon and LeBron James and people like me, then maybe, maybe, maybe I will listen to you,” Navarro snapped back with Cortes talking over her. “But until you do that, don’t come here and lecture me on how I should talk.”

“I just did,” Cortes replied.

Cortes then insisted if he said similar things about Barack Obama he’d be fired by the commercial break.

“I think it’s insanely disrespectful,”  Cortes lectured some more.

“I judge him on separating children at the border. I judge him on calling African countries shitholes,” Navarro struck back while Cortes repeatedly interjected claiming Trump didn’t say that. “I judge him on saying that Haitians have AIDS.”

Chris Cuomo then told his guests to “breathe” before ending the segment.

Watch above, via CNN.

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