Ana Navarro Rips ‘Lunatic 70-Year-Old Manbaby’ Trump in Fiery Rant Over ‘Bleeding’ Facelift

Ana Navarro delivered a passionate new smackdown on CNN by saying that Donald Trump‘s latest tweets have once again diminished the standing of the presidency.

Navarro spoke with Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash, and the three discussed how Trump’s tweets against Mika Brzezinski were the latest in a series of objectionable comments Trump has made about women. Navarro said she was “disgusted” by Trump’s latest slams, but she also noted that Trump’s “fixation with women and blood” is hardly a surprise from the president at this point.

Even though a variety of conservative figures voiced disapproval for Trump’s remarks, Navarro said she is losing patience with Republicans who won’t condemn Trump beyond saying how “disappointed” and “disturbed” they are by these types of comments.

“He’s acting for all of us. He’s acting for our president, and he is embarrassing,” Navarro ranted. “It’s time somebody has to look at the camera, calls him up, and says ‘listen, you crazy, lunatic 70-year-old man baby, stop it! You are now the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, and you need to stop acting like a mean girl.'”

Navarro went on to express surprise that Republican congresspeople can expect any progress on political issues when Trump is too think-skinned to ever pivot and focus.

Watch above, via CNN.

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