Ana Navarro To Roland Martin: ‘Obama Likes To Interrupt, But I’m Not In The Mood To Be Interrupted’

CNN contributors Roland Martin and Ana Navarro became embroiled in an argument Tuesday morning over the importance of foreign policy in this election.

“Look,” said Navarro, “the foreign policy aspect is part of the presidential job description. But right now, it is not the most important.”

“Part of?” asked Martin.

“No,” she continued, “the economy is. And I think every American would agree with that. I think it’s a very important part, but it’s not the most important. Not right now. not where we are. […] Wait, wait, wait, hold on. Roland, hold up. I know President Obama likes to interrupt, but I’m not in the mood to be interrupted this morning.”

“Ana,” he told her, “you’re a Republican downplaying commander in chief role when GOP has always been a winner in that area.”

“I’m not downplaying it,” she insisted. “But you’re asking why do we want somebody else? Well, because he offers different policies on other issues, Roland, you know. And I think he got under your skin.”

Have a look, via CNN:

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