Anchor Performs Halloween Sketch of Donald Trump Announcing the Creation of Trump TV

We’re a few days past Halloween now, but there’s no reason why the dressing up and all the other levity has to stop.

Fox 5 included a fun twist in their Monday broadcast, when Greg Kelly, Rosanna Scotto and the rest of Good Day New York starred in a skit about how Donald Trump is definitely going to beat Hillary Clinton in light of her new email news. In the middle of his victory lap, “Trump” said that even if he is somehow defeated on Election Day, Clinton will still have to contend with him as the president of his new media empire: Trump TV.

“Trump TV is a new network that really grabs you by the [bleep], it really grabs you by the [bleep], it depends on whether you are a man or woman where Trump TV grabs you,” Kelly said in full Trump garb. “Our reporters will be objective, unbiased and totally committed to locking up Crooked Hillary in prison.”

The sketch goes on to explore all things Trump by imagining the programming to come, and whether the women featured on the network will be attractive enough for the mogul to look at.

Rumors of a Trump media empire have pervaded the election conversation in recent weeks. Mediaite has even come up with a programming line-up of our own, and you can check it out here.

Watch above, via Fox 5.

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