And Now Ted Nugent Goes After CNN’s Don Lemon

Because of course he would.

Unable to leave well enough alone, Ted Nugent took to Twitter on Friday evening to bash Don Lemon presumably after viewing the segment in which the CNN host accused the rocker of giving a disingenuous apology for his “sub-human mongrel” Obama remarks.

Speaking with Ben Ferguson this afternoon, Lemon suggested Nugent’s apology came with too many caveats and sounded “like he’s apologizing to himself or, possibly, to powerful Republicans who might have gotten him to take it back and do it fast.”

“If @DonnLemmon [sic] is a journalist Im the prez of the NAACP,” Nugent wrote on Twitter.

He clarified further:

Several minutes later, Nugent told followers, via a garbled mess of a tweet, that he has rescheduled his canceled CNN appearance with Erin Burnett for next Monday:

Looking forward to that. Or not. I don’t know. When will this story go away?

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