And The Winner Is…Um… BET Awards Painfully Mangle Viewers’ Choice Announcement

Execs at BET are apologizing today for “human error” that led to an extremely awkward moment at the network’s BET Awards Sunday night. A music fan chosen to announce the viewer’s choice award had a moment of clear on-camera confusion, leading to a most awkward screwup, announcing the right winner, then correcting herself, naming someone else, before yet a third name was announced. The mistake, officials with the awards show explained, may have been caused by a conflict between what was written on the smartphone in the fan’s hand (taking the place of a printed envelope with a winner’s name) and what was written on the teleprompter in the hall.

As The Washington Post describes the moment, it was pure no-nets TV when the show clearly needed a net:

When it came time for lovely Tiffany’s close-up, she looked at her smartphone.

She squinted at the teleprompter.

Tiffany appeared confused – as though they contained conflicting information.

What would Tiffany do?

“And the winner is – Chris Brown?” Tiffany finally said, but without any real conviction.

But, before Brown could walk up on stage to accept, Tiffany corrected herself:

I’m sorry – Rihanna!”

The correct answer, ultimately was Chris Brown, but not before the audience booed and gasped and at least one non-winner strolled onstage.

Watch it here, from CNN:

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