Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump Comments About Doctors: ‘Trying to Get Us to Turn on the Very People Defending Us’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper went off on President Donald Trump Friday night for a claim he has been making at recent rallies about the coronavirus.

Trump said at a rally Friday that “our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid.”

Cooper, after again calling out people who still won’t wear masks, slammed Trump for continuing to “hold events making it easy for the virus to spread.”

“The president is all-in on lying about the virus now,” Cooper said. “He’s telling crowds and maskless people they are social distancing and wearing masks. He’s saying the virus is going away. It’s not. It’s spreading. He says the doctors are lying about the death toll. They aren’t. The death toll is actually underreported.”

After showing the clip of Trump talking about doctors, Cooper said, “No, it’s not true. Doctors and nurses are risking their lives. They very possibly saved the life of that man right there and this is how our president treats them, out frontline heroes.”

“It’s not enough for our self-described wartime president to get our fellow citizens hating and fighting one another,” he continued. “He’s now trying to get us to turn on the very people who are defending us on the frontlines, fighting this virus. His supporters nod their heads there, they cheer and they jeer. That’s what we have become.”

He brought up rising covid deaths and said, “No, Mr. President, it is not that we are testing more, because in some states with your encouragement we’re actually testing less. It’s not the doctors trying to earn extra cash from people dying, faking death counts, which is obscene. They’re risking their lives along with nurses and hospital staffs to save others.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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