Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump’s Hypocrisy for Dismissing Ongoing Threat from Pandemic While ‘He Lives Every Day in a Biological Bunker’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper tore into President Donald Trump during his opening monologue, highlighting his hypocrisy for downplaying the ongoing threat from the coronavirus while enjoying the benefit of the world’s most carefully screened Covid-19 testing bubble.

The United States, which is currently in the midst of an alarming resurgence of positive cases, saw its daily newly-diagnosed patient total rise to 35,000 on Tuesday, as hundred of Americans continue to die each day as a result of complications from the virus. Even so, Trump has continued to dismiss concerns about the pandemic and push for rapid reopening of the economy, despite warnings from public health experts.

“Remember the coronavirus task force, which the vice president always used to make sure to point out did everything quote unquote ‘at the direction of the president?'” Cooper noted. “The coronavirus task force, which is now as invisible as the virus itself, the task force still recommends mask wearing, more testing for the disease, social distancing, staying away from enclosed spaces and big crowds.”

“The president is doing everything he can to subvert those people you just saw, the nation’s top scientists. He shut down the daily briefings on experimenting with people with disinfectant. He shut it down so people won’t hear as much about the virus. Because the president believes if you don’t hear about it as much, you’ll forget about it and about the federal government’s incompetent response. You’ll just forget, you’ll move on, it’ll seem so old. Sure, your dad may die or your grandmother might get sick, or she might die, you might get sick, you might die. But so be it.”

“The president is actively working to turn people against all the other recommendations of the task force he once claimed to lead,” Cooper proclaimed. “Wearing masks, social distancing, not congregating in giant indoor stadiums with thousands of others or mega-churches. Of course, behind the scenes, the president has gotten more tests for the virus than probably anyone else in this country, if not in the world. And everyone in the White House who makes contact with the president is tested and has their temperature checked. Publicly, he’s pretending virus is passed. Privately, he’s living in a biological bunker.”

“He’s as sanitized and protected from the virus as anyone can be and in the midst of that epicenter of sanitation, he is encouraging everyone else, don’t follow the guidelines,” Cooper pointed out. “Publicly, he’s floating all of those guidelines, except the one about hand washing. He’s washing his hands of all of it. Worse than that, worse even than modeling bad behavior, he’s been creating a string of distractions that are taking up precious bandwidth that have nothing to do with slowing down the virus and saving lives. Oh, and he’s been boasting, of course, that he ordered a slow down in testing.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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