Anderson Cooper Defends 51-Year-Old Actor’s Marriage To 16-Year-Old From ‘Romance Haters’

What is it with people and their hangups about age? C’mon, people, it’s like the 90s or whatever. And CNN’s Anderson Cooper? This dude gets it. As he explained on AC360 last night, he’s no “romance hater.” You see, the guy who played Horace Goodspeed on Lost (and did some other acting along the way to becoming a 51 year old man), Doug Hutchison, has just married the love of his life–a 16 year old girl. You got a problem with that? As our silver-haired wisdom speaker put it on last night’s RidicuList, “age is only a number. 51. Just a number. 16. Just a much, much, much smaller number.

Cooper airs one of bride Courtney Stodden‘s YouTube videos, where she says “I’ve never done pornography. I never will,” which got AC thinking:

“I like that at 16 years of age she makes a point of pride that she’s never done pornography. That’s like basically saying ‘I’m about to do pornography.’ Or, inevitably, ‘I will do pornography, but I haven’t done it yet.'”

It’s great stuff. Watch it, from CNN:

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