Anderson Cooper Dumbfounded by Kellyanne Conway’s Defense of Trump’s Epstein Conspiracy Tweets: ‘I Just… What the…?’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper literally became dumbfounded by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s defense of President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter controversy, failing to find the words to ask former Clinton White House spokesperson Joe Lockhart about her incredible spin: “There’s no question there. I just…what the…?”

The day before, on CNN’s State of the Union, Conway had attempted to normalize Trump retweeting two conspiracy theory posts that speculated about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, one of which included a “#ClintonBodyCount” hashtag. Conway enjoys a well-documented reputation for both serial dishonesty and throwing out bizarre tangents and rhetorical chaff when confronted about her boss’s questionable statements or behavior.

After Democratic political strategist James Carville pointed out many previous conspiracy theories that Trump has embraced or hinted at — from Birtherism to implying Sen. Ted Cruz’s rather assassinated President John F. Kennedy — Cooper pivoted to the lates example.

” Joe, yesterday Kellyanne Conway, of course nothing new, defended the president promoting the Clinton Epstein conspiracy theory saying: ‘I think the president wants everything to be investigated.’ I don’t even know. Really there is no question there. I just…what the…?”

“I’m not sure I have an answer. It’s mutual,” Lockhart responded, laughing.

“On its face, it’s ridiculous,” Lockhart continued. “If someone followed up with a real follow up and said ‘Do you think the president’s family should be investigated? Do you think the president should be investigated?’ She would have said ‘Of course not. That’s a political hit job.’ It’s really sad seeing people who had, you know, a descent reputation, get destroyed by the cancer of Donald Trump. But it’s just outrageous that she would stand out there and say that sort of thing. But there is no real answer to it.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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