Anderson Cooper Goes Off on Kayleigh McEnany for ‘Orwellian’ Doublespeak Trying to Defend Trump’s Conspiracy Theory Buffalo Tweet


Anderson Cooper went on a tear against White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Wednesday night for her defense of President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory tweet about the elderly protester pushed by cops in Buffalo.

Cooper briefly reviewed the insane conspiracy theory the president shared before showing the video of McEnany insisting, “The president was asking questions about an interaction… and the president has the right to ask those questions.”

McEnany tried to claim it’s “not a baseless conspiracy theory,” but Cooper shot back that yes, it absolutely is one.

At one point in the briefing, another reporter asked about the weird claim about the protester falling harder than he was pushed. McEnany again tried to cover for it by saying the president was just raising questions.

“That is such double speak. It’s Orwellian,” Cooper said. “‘He was just asking questions.’ But before we defame somebody and convict them in the court of public opinion, we need to find out facts. He sent out a tweet defaming this man, convicting him in the court of public opinion to 81 million of his followers. This is a 75-year-old guy who’s been protesting for a lot of his life.”

Cooper posed questions of his own:

“What kind of person is so impulse-driven, so lacking in empathy that he attacks an elderly man in a hospital bed who is simply protesting peacefully? What kind of person does that. I’m just asking. Here’s another one. What kind of person is too vain and cowardly to ever admit a mistake? Just asking. What kind of person hires someone who promises never to lie to us, as Kayleigh Mcenany did on her first day on the job, and then breaks that promise repeatedly? Just asking. And what kind of person is so in need of making a name for themselves in the public arena that they betray the convictions they once expressed openly on television when they called Donald Trump’s statement on Mexican immigrants racist, but now like about why they said that in order to keep their job as the president’s chief apologist and lie teller? Just asking.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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