Anderson Cooper: Has It ‘Sunk In’ Yet for Trump That He’s Going to Be President?

cooper2Anderson Cooper was very baffled by Donald Trump‘s recent behavior tonight. After saying maybe he should be less focused on tweeting, he actually asked if the gravity of the job he’s about to take has sunk in yet.

“Should his behavior change more?” he asked. “Do you think it’s sunk in that he’s president-elect of the United States?”

Alice Stewart said there’s been a “dramatic slowdown” of his tweets, saying that maybe he should “put a little more attribution to what he’s talking about.”

Cooper brought up Trump’s tweets last night trashing CNN for debunking his claim about millions of illegal votes. He said it sounded like the president-elect thinks “he can say whatever he wants and that it’s up to reporters to disprove him.”

He expressed bewilderment at Trump’s “impulses to continue in this way” when he has a lot he needs to do.

“I’m just not sure,” Cooper said, “watching cable news shows late at night and tweeting about them is the best use of the president’s time.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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