Anderson Cooper in Ridiculist: Beauty Pageant Contestants Are ‘Untapped Wisdom Resorce’

For all the serious news reporting Anderson Cooper does, it must be nice to take a few minutes every night and go into full sarcasm mode. Friday night’s Ridiculist centered around the latest big beauty pageant slip-up, this time a Miss Philippines contestant giving a truly bizarre and incredibly hard-to-follow answer to the question of which of the five senses is the best one. Cooper showed that video along with some other beauty pageant classics, making the weirdest, most cartoonish reaction faces he possibly could.

Cooper introduced the segment by reminding viewers of “the deep wellspring that is the source of most modern philosophical thinking: the interview portion of a beauty pageant.” He showed the Miss Philippines contestant saying she likes seeing more than the other senses because seeing is believing and believing is seeing and can’t you see how cool seeing is and some other nonsense.

Cooper, however, suggested that these beauty pageant answers may not be so stupid after all, but instead “an untapped wisdom resource that could be used in all sorts of educational, even diplomatic, situations.” He continued making funny faces over footage of one beauty pageant contestant’s bizarre take on the gender wage gap and the infamous Miss Teen South Carolina “why can’t Americans find other countries on a map” answer.

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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